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This initiative was first conceived by Manlio Romanelli, Vice President of Confcommercio Trieste, and was then approved by Confcommercio Trieste President, Antonio Paoletti, backed up by the whole Confcommercio board.

Commerce in Trieste and its province needs to be promoted and brought out:

- due to objective reasons, i.e. the conformation and accessibility of Trieste city centre and province, and the diffusion of shops over a wide area;

- due to a subjective reason, i.e. the consumers’ widespread perception of the shopping offer as inadequate. This is due to consumers’ memory of an old-fashioned, border-based selling approach that has actually been completely transformed.

A web portal has therefore been created – an extremely original solution in the panorama of local commerce promotion.

The web portal helps consumers search for brands and products in the local area and leads them to the shops where such brands and products are sold.

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Trieste in Centro Duino Aurisina Mare Duino Aurisina Carso Associazione San Giacomo
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